Corporate Team Building Activities

If you have noticed the mood around the office has become depressing and boring, it might be time to add some team building exercises into the day. They don’t have to be things that require a lot of time and money. Even small activities can help team building around the office.

Pot Luck
Do people on your team actually know each other? Or do they just say hello to their cubical mate and go about their day? It’s probably time to mix it up a bit and do an activity such as a group pot luck. Have each person bring in their favorite dish to make to share with the office at lunch time. This can help team building because it gets people talking to each other.

Show And Tell
Along the lines of a pot luck, show and tell can bring on similar team building interactions. This might seem like an activity you would do in kindergarten but it can be for adults too! It can let your team know what each person is interested in and they might even find that they have things in common!
Two Truths And A Lie
This is another great activity to get people talking. The name of the game is to have each person think of 2 things that are true about them self and one thing that is a lie. It’s up to the others in the group to decide what is the lie. This can get pretty silly so it would be a great activity for team building.
Ask Your Team What They Want
The above are all good ideas for team building. Another way to team build is to actually ask the team what they want to do to build company moral. Coming up with ideas and voting on them builds team participation and you get to do an extra activity on top of it!

A work place where worker culture and moral is low can lead to uninspired workers and decreased productivity. In order to avoid this, it is important to continually do team building activities. Happy workers mean a happy company!