How Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoo Removal London is now possible

Fashion is everyone’s requirement these days, everybody wants to look dashing, stylish and cool in front of others. It has become one of the major requirement for attraction these days. Tattoos are one of the things that everyone wants these days, its like a tradition to have a tattoo to look handsome which is the reason why they have become so trendy in the modern times. There are many times in life when we get tattoos to impress people even though it is against our wishes but now that you are embarrassed of your tattoo how can you remove it(tattoo removal courses)?

Since the beginning of the art of tattooing it was thought that tattoos are permanent and cannot be removed by any means but the modern chemical sciences have provided us the way to finally be able to get rid of a tattoo that you do not like. Common techniques include dermabrasion,salabrasion and laser treatment method. Let us discuss them in detail.

1.Dermabrasion : It is a type of technique which is carried out by dermatologists in a medical setting. It is a specific type of surgery in which controlled abrasion of upper to middle levels of skin takes place which is deep enough to remove the ink of the tattoo. This type of technique had been in use for quite long. It is not used now a days.

2.Acid method: In this type of method TCA( Trichloroacetic acid) is poured on the affected area. This method is used to remove tattoos form deep layers of skin. The acid removes layers of skin and goes deeper levels where the tattoo ink resides.

3. Salabrasion : it is a type of tattoo removal technique in which the skin is scrubbed with salt and with other agents like lime, wine , garlic or pigeon excrement.

4. Laser treatment method: it is the most recent form of tattoo removing techniques. All the methods discussed above had some disadvantages in some way or the other.Salabrasion extensive scrubbing was hurtful to the skin and it caused injuries. In this technique Q-switched waves are used for the removal of tattoo pigments by the use of non-invasive techniques. Dark colors(Laser Hair Removal Chiswick) can be easily removed by this method. This method is widely used these day as it can be done in a less time and also the cost is less.


The science of tattoo removal/eyebrow tattoo removal has evolved over time we have switched form surgical methods to the use of lasers in removing permanent tattoos. Earlier continuous wave lasers were used for tattoo removal but they are now replaced by Q-switched waves. Tattoo removal has evolved over time and now we have methods which have made tattoo removal less painful.